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Merri Dee's life and career were marked by a passion for journalism and a dedication to making a positive impact in her community. Raised in Chicago and New Orleans, Merri Dee began her relationship with broadcast media as a radio personality in 1966. She later made history as one of the first women of color to become an on-air news anchor, announcer, and talk show host at WGN-TV in 1972.

Despite facing a personal tragedy in the form of kidnapping and attempted murder, Merri Dee refused to let this define her or her career. Instead, she used the experience as a catalyst to push for change, lobbying state and city politicians and helping to pass Illinois' first Victims Bill of Rights law - a model for other states to follow.

To learn more about Merri Dee's remarkable life and legacy, we invite you to visit her official biography @ HistoryMakers. Merri was a passionate supporter of the HistoryMakers, working in its early days, helping to secure funding and generate awareness and support for this important organization. Her impact on the world will never be forgotten.

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