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“I have learned that success is not a destination but a journey. Legacies are often simple treasures we leave our family, friends and community. My daughter is my most prized legacy. She has become such a loving and giving human being and a terrific parent. My love for her and my grandchildren is immeasurable, and I pray that my love for them will live on in their hearts forever.”   — Merri Dee

My grandmother told me once that, “the best gift you can give to yourself, is the gift of knowledge”.


She and I talked about many travel plans throughout our lives. Some wishes were fulfilled, while others were not. In this period of my life without her I am dedicated to continuing the quest for knowledge she dreamt of with me.

Indigo Child was a project born from my own personal spiritual practice now, and a way to extend a guiding hand to others by taking inspiration from my own journey. After the passing of my grandmother, Merri Dee, in March of 2022 I started my long overdue self-healing journey. She was the one who taught me nearly everything I know about what we lovingly call “black girl magic”. She taught me the power of insight, intuition and putting intention (or my magic) into everything I do. Everything from what colors I wear today; what I put in my hair; what I put on my skin; the tea I drink to how I nourish my mind. 

I decided that now, 2023, is my time to follow in her footsteps and forge a new, maybe unconventional path for myself. I told myself that what she would really want for me is to stop living in the shadows of others and let my talents shine for all the world to see! 

I started looking inward at what my talents were, what am I truly passionate about, what knowledge I have to share, and (most importantly to me) what impact can I leave on the world that makes this place better than how I found it?

My answer was Indigo Child. A shop I could call my own and help others, who like I was 15 years ago, found themselves being called to something defined as “other”. I want to be the person who tells that little black or brown girl that her magic isn’t “evil”, “wrong” or “dark magick”. It is her birthright. My other goal is to help open other’s up to a world that might give them more answers into their own psyche and to break the mold of “what has always been done”, just because we, as a society, don’t know anything different.

A place where we are all encouraged to BE different, evolve and progress. To learn the ancient teachings of our own people so that we can grow as a community like we were intended to before our world & lives were uprooted by those hoping to erase our past, present, and our futures.

I invite you to explore my website, learn and grow with me and access what you are called to.

This is my love note to my Gammie. My biggest fan, my Muse, my inspiration and guiding star.

I love you.

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