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Merri Dee is credited with being a pioneer and trailblazer for women of color who today enjoy high profile roles in media and broadcasting.

Her 50 years in radio, television, stage and voice-over are legendary. Merri Dee is a strong voice and advocate for victims of gun violence. 

Her near-death experience of being stalked, kidnapped and nearly killed continues to inspire others that they can overcome anything. 

"Merri Dee recently gave a keynote to our national convention.  Her personal and professional story was incredibly compelling.  She had our audience engaged from the moment she walked on stage until the standing ovations subsided."  

A. Santiago, INHSA 2019


Speaking Engagements on:

  • Aging Gracefully

  • Diversity

  • Surviving & Thriving

  • Confidence

  • Media

  • Philanthropy

  • Women’s & Children's Issues 

  • Seniors

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Shop Merri's Store for:

  • Her Memoir (Life Lessons On Faith, Forgiveness & Grace)
  • Personal telephone consultation
  • Jewelry (watch for exciting details to come)
  • Skincare (watch for exciting details to come)
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